VTOL Osprey Rapid Response Troop Carrier

Seven-Stars Nation self-defense troops disembark from a V-22 Osprey VTOL tiltrotor military aircraft after military exercises.
Given the rough mountainous terrain in the islands, this sophisticated machine, recently purchased from the by new independent government from the United States, is essential for moving large numbers of rapid response troops and heavy equipment to any points of conflict that might arise

Ground personnel inspect the aircraft above, and below the pilots disembark to rest before their next mission.


The Osprey is a 1/72 scale plastic model kit from the company "Kitech" in China. I got it through Aliexpress some time back. It goes together easily, not particularly detailed but a strudy model. I chose to leave off the landing gear purposely.

The figures are a mixture of Revell, Hasegawa, Orion and Caesar figures, a few have been converted.

Seven-Stars Air Force - New delivery of VTOL Harriers

Thanks to a bilateral agreement recently signed with the United States government, the Seven-Stars home defence capacity has been significantly improved with the delivery of a squadron of Ex-Marine-Corps Harrier Jump Jets.

The Harriers are by no means new, they have seen extensive combat duty in the past and have been delivered with their "Marines" livery unaltered

Seven-Stars pilots and ground crew inspect one of the new aircraft. 

The nation has many highly experienced pilots and technical personnel who stayed after the struggle for independence from the E.U. 

These are not easy machines to handle, but the pilots will soon learn. Here below the pilots take out one of their new "Toys" on a test-flight.


The Marine-Corps Harrier is a toy by New Ray Models.

The pilot is a Hasegawa figure while the ground crew are by Esci / Italeri.

More pilots and ground crew from Airfix are also are in line to be incorporated into the ranks of the S-SAF (Seven-Stars Air Force). 

The Story

The Seven-Stars Nation has recently gained its independence from the E.U. and is now a totally independent nation.

The huge oil reserves discovered in the territorial waters of the seven small islands that make up the Seven-Stars Nation, and its highly strategic geographical and political position off the North African coast make it an ideal target for jealous neighbours, powerful multinationals, and superpowers alike.

After independence the country must now learn take care of itself. It must create a defensive armed force from scratch.

This blog will detail the rise of the Seven-Stars' Home Defense Force

The Seven-Stars Nation, its people, its history and its location are all of course just fantasy.  It exists only in miniature, mostly of plastic, made up of little people in popular modelling scales known as 20mm / 1-72 / 1-76 / 00 scale.