VTOL Osprey Rapid Response Troop Carrier

Seven-Stars Nation self-defense troops disembark from a V-22 Osprey VTOL tiltrotor military aircraft after military exercises.
Given the rough mountainous terrain in the islands, this sophisticated machine, recently purchased from the by new independent government from the United States, is essential for moving large numbers of rapid response troops and heavy equipment to any points of conflict that might arise

Ground personnel inspect the aircraft above, and below the pilots disembark to rest before their next mission.


The Osprey is a 1/72 scale plastic model kit from the company "Kitech" in China. I got it through Aliexpress some time back. It goes together easily, not particularly detailed but a strudy model. I chose to leave off the landing gear purposely.

The figures are a mixture of Revell, Hasegawa, Orion and Caesar figures, a few have been converted.